Everyone wants their credit score to be as high as possible… and many people feel like they’ve got things under control.  For some people, that is truly the case. For everyone else,  you need a little tune-up to repair your credit history before you see credit score improvement.

Are you a candidate for credit repair?  If you answer yes to any of these questions… we should talk. 

        1. Is your FICO score less than a 720?
        2. Do you have negative items on your credit report?
        3. Are you trying to get a home mortgage?


Here are the best ways to improve your credit scores:

  • – Clean up the negative errors that are weighing down your scores –  some errors are hard-to-spot legal violations by collectors.
  • – Identify and dispute errors –  remove inaccurate, outdated or unverifiable    negative items from your credit reports.
  • – Manage open accounts by maintaining balances properly – high revolving  balances will hurt your credit scores while low balances will help.

 How can we help?

Utilizing federal laws we can help improve your credit, raise credit scores so you can purchase a home, vehicles, cell phones, lower insurance premiums, credit cards, and more without having to wait the 7 to 10 years for bad credit to fall off your credit reports.

THD Credit will…

  1. Review your credit report (or will produce a copy of your report)
  2. Analyze the details
  3. Develop a strategy to improve your score

If you are concerned about your credit, the WORST thing you can do is ignore the situation! Call or email me and let’s get to work! 

Talk soon,

Erik Kaplan
(800) 822-7120






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