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THD Credit Consulting Can Help You:

Rebuild Your Credit
Why live with bad credit when your credit reports can be cleaned up in as little as 45 days? Our team of Certified Credit Consultants can help you rebuild your credit and provide you the knowledge to ensure that you maintain it for the rest of your life.

Typical Fees
Typical Fees for our credit restoration program range from $400 to $2000. After reviewing your credit reports, we will determine a custom fee schedule based on your situation and needs. We can set up payment arrangements if needed.

Consolidate Debt
We help settle credit card debt, home equity lines of credit, collection accounts and charged off accounts. In most cases we can save you up to 75-80% on the amount that was owed and stop all the harassing phone calls.

Get Started Now!
Obtain all 3 of your credit reports and email, fax or mail them to us. You can do this by going to for FREE but does not include credit scores. Or you can buy them at:,, or these will include credit scores for a fee.

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