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In the month of May I was able to get 75 clients credit scores over 720! When they called me, they had 640-660 credit scores and needed to get over 720 in order to qualify for a jumbo home loan.

I was also able to get 49 clients over a 640. When we started working together their scores ranged from 480-600 and they needed to be over 640 to qualify for an FHA or VA home loan.  

I accomplished this by deleting negative, obsolete, inaccurate and collection items on their credit reports. This is all done legally by using their credit rights by Federal Law, i.e., FCRA, FDCPA. 


Debt Settlement

May 2014 Success stories

I was able to settle $5,800,000 in credit card debt this past month. THD Credit averages around 30-35% on the dollar.

One client came to me with 4 credit cards totaling $87,000.  I was able to settle all of them for a total of $27,840!

My client was able to split the payments on each card into 4 equal payments.

Do you get harassing phone calls?  THD Credit can stop these repetitious calls and get many medical collection accounts deleted from your credit report.   


Hey it’s Erik,

I would be happy to look at your credit report and let you know how I can help improve your, or your clients credit scores. I offer a 100% money back guarantee, so if I don’t raise your FICO scores in the time frame quoted – you don’t pay!


Erik Kaplan

THD Credit Consulting
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Toll Free: (800) 822-7120

We are here to help you!!

About THD Credit

We have been in business for over 8+ years and our clients include, Wells Fargo, Prime Lending, Chase Home Loans, Bank of America, Ameriprise Financial, PNC Bank, Prospect Mortgage, Chase Home loans, First Equity Home Mortgage, Omini Home Loans & Law offices of Mansfield & Bronstein PA… the list goes on.

We are very passionate about helping people learn more about their credit, debt and finances. Our services are fully legal (we follow the state and federal laws) and will not deviate from them!  

We can also help educate you or your client on how to maintain good credit.

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