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Credit cards are used to buy goods, pay for services and withdraw money from ATM machines. When you use your Credit Card to buy goods or pay for services, then approval will is given which depends on several factors but above all, on fund availability in relation to your allotted Credit Limit.

Applying for a credit card online is faster than the conventional process of visiting your bank then filling out all the involved the paperwork.

Your bank will publish you the credit card only if and when you meet their set requirements. When you meet their requirements, you are then allocated with a credit card account which is separate and distinct from your regular bank account.

Take note that before submitting your credit card application, you have to obtain your credit report first and make certain that it is accurate.

Your credit card will contain your credit limit as well as will include a PIN number. The credit card limit is generally the maximum number of dollars that your bank has loan to you to spend.

Your credit card choice ultimately will be established by your present credit score and financial situation. The credit score generally is a mathematical index that represents an individual’s financial credit “worthiness”.

Important questions to ask when applying:

1. Is the credit card accepted in many places?

Almost all places and establishments accept at one brand-name of credit card like Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Fewer accept Diner’s Card or Discover although these cards can be used in large restaurants and stores. Almost all store cards like JC Penny’s or Limited Sears, only are accepted by specific store which issued them.

2. Is there a yearly fee?

Several credit cards do charge a yearly fee of usually as low as 20 dollars a year, however other companies do waive the yearly fee since they want you in their business.

3. Do you need to pay the whole balance off every month?
4. If you do not pay the whole balance off, how much the interest rate?
5. Is there any penalty for “late payments”? If so there is, how much?

Note that credit card firms earn money from you by means of charging you higher fees for your late payments. Therefore make certain ask your credit card firm how much they charge and if you did not receive your card statement to avoid charges on late payment.

6. What is your credit line? How long as well as how frequently will raise it?

When you have not at all obtained a credit card before, a lot companies will begin granting you with “a lower credit line”, normally from 100-500 dollars. But, if you pay your dues on time always, the company will usually increase your “credit line” every twice or once a year.

7. Does your credit card offer you added benefits?

Inquire about added benefits on your credit card such as life or travel insurance, ask if goods purchased through your credit card are usually protected as well as if you get coupons or discounts from special stores.

Credit card features and costs

Credit Terms vary among credit card issuers; therefore it is sensible to shop around first for the credit card that best fit your needs.

How you determine which is the right one for you depends on how will you use it. When you pay always in fill your monthly statement, the best kind of credit card is the one containing no yearly fee and provides a “Grace period” for paying the bill without having to pay a finance fee.

On the other hand, when you always do not pay off your credit card monthly balance, make sure to inspect the yearly percentage rate.


  • Make certain you understand all the terms and conditions of the plan before accepting the card. Examine and carefully review all the fees and disclosures that should appear on “credit card” offers that you get from the mail.
  • Pay your card bills punctually so to avoid paying interests.
  • Keep sales slip copies and promptly put side by side charges upon arrival of your bills.
  • Protect your account and credit card numbers to avoid unauthorized use. Tear carbons and always put a line on blank spaces located above your total when signing receipts.
  • Keep a record of all your card numbers as well as contact numbers of every card issuer in case you lose your cards or are stolen.


Credit cards can offer many different services, there making it a very essential tool. Just keep in mind, when used correctly, credit cards help improve and ease your life.


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