[headline]Together.  Helping One Client at a Time.[/headline]

“Hey Erik, My credit score went from the 500s to a 640. I’m enjoying my new home! I thank God! Have a blessed day.”

 “My score went from 575 to 680 in 62 days!! I got approved for a 1.9% on a purchase, but I decided to do a lease for zero percent 2.5 years…i can’t believe I got approved…you’re awesome!”

 “Erik, I remember you very well. You took everyone of my annoying phone calls you are always pleasant yet effective and to the point. You went above and beyond what you were compensated for. Professional in every way!”

 As a full-service consulting firm, we partner with our clients to deliver solutions that help solve their most complicated credit issues. Our services are designed specifically to help each client with his/hers credit problems, and at a fair fee. Utilizing decades of industry experience and functional expertise, THD Credit goes beyond the norm to help you get results and obtain that perfect credit score.

Debt Settlement: Success Stories

We were able to settle over $3 million in credit card debt. We average around 25-35% on the dollar.   One client had 7credit cards totaling $65,000  we settled for $19,500. He was able to make 4 payments on this amount.  Another client had a $505,000 Home Equity Line of credit. We settled the Home equity line for $130,000 and she was able to stay in the home!!! We were also able to stop all the harassing phone calls and get many medical collection accounts deleted from the credit report if paid.

I would be happy to take a look at a credit report and let you know how I can help you improve your/clients credit scores. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, if we do not raise your fico scores.

Erik Kaplan
THD Credit
Certified Credit Consultant
Phone:     310-207-5333
Phone:     646-673-8445
Toll Free: 800-822-7120
FAX:        310-893-6375

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