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What does your and your company’s online reputation say about you?

Erik Kaplan

Erik Kaplan

Erik is the CEO and Founder of THD Credit Consulting

A good credit score offers you as an individual more purchasing power, stronger interest rates, and more attractive rental agreements and job opportunities. A good credit score is often seen as an indicator of your personal financial health.
Similarly, what people say online about your company, services, or products will affect the financial health of your company and/or the business you work for.
  • 97% of all consumers research products and services online prior to making a buying decision.
  • 83% of consumers trust what they read online about a business… good or bad!
  • 72% won’t buy if there’s a negative review
  • Only 53% of consumers would consider using a business with a rating less than four-stars
Whether you are a business professional or the owner of a business, your online reputation can make or break you. Therefore, the importance of your online personal and professional reputation is and will always be important.
  • Do your Google results reflect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build?
  • Do you have a past court case or settlement that continues to imprint itself on you or your business’s digital identity?
  • Does your business have poor reviews (Google, Facebook and Yelp etc.)
A negative online reputation discourages people from building or deepening a relationship with you and prevents them from considering you for new opportunities.
I encourage you all to take a closer look at your digital footprint. If you are not completely happy with what you see email me at so I can introduce you to a vetted and trustworthy online reputation management company.
I will get you a free consultation so you will understand how they can ensure you and your company have a solid online reputation… which is key to your success.

-Erik Kaplan

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