What you should do if you get a collection account on your credit.

Here’s the first thing you should know about debt collection: The people calling you are not the people you borrowed from. In actuality you are talking to someone who purchased that debt for pennies on the dollar and is trying to make a profit on it.

If you have a collections account on your credit report it is important to know how this will affect your credit score and what you can do about it. 

Let’s start with the basics… What does it mean for your credit?

If you have a collection account, your credit score may drop by a substantial amount. It typically is correlated with how high your credit score is.  Therefore, the higher your score the more points you can lose.

As you know, having your credit score drop from having an account in collections can impact your financial future.  You could be denied for credit cards and loans.

Realities of overdue debts…

The truth is a creditor could sue you and win a judgment, allowing them to garnish your wages or hire a sheriff to come get your property. However, the chances of this are slim.

Many consumers feel overwhelmed by their debts and file for bankruptcy because they think it is their only option. DON’T DO THIS!  This should only be considered once all other options are exhausted.

What should you do?

Call or email me, asap! Through a careful analysis of your situation, I can determine the necessary steps to settle your debt and move toward rebuilding your credit.

-Erik Kaplan

Coming Soon!

Never have a 30 day late on your credit report again.

Today I am thrilled to announce a new, upcoming app called 




dudatez is a bill management app that will give you direct access to all your accounts, in one place. You will be able to pay your bills anywhere and anytime, from your iOS device (Android coming soon). 

Never be 30 days late again, no more late payment fees and no more negative marks on your credit report.

I have been helping people with their credit for over 10 years and without a doubt paying late is a very dangerous credit habit that I see too often. In fact, a single late payment can drop your credit score anywhere from 60 to 110 points.

Have you ever been on vacation or a business trip and forgot to pay your Visa? Perhaps you are just so busy with life that a stack of bills has piled up on your desk, causing you to miss a deadline. Next thing you know, you have a late fee and a blemish on your credit that will stay there for 7 years.  

dudatez was born with the idea of helping people pay on time, every time. 

I will share more when the app rolls out this summer. In the meantime, I just wanted to tell you its key features:

  • Easy access to view all your bank accounts and bills from a single app. 
  • Pay your bills from anywhere and at anytime.
  • Direct contact with creditors and make a payment instantly.
  • Receive reminder notifications prior to your bills coming due. 
  • Never get a 30 day late on your credit report. 

dutatez is simple. It is an app that stays on top of your bills and money for you!  Just set it up once and the app goes to work- proactively monitoring your bank accounts and credit cards, all in one place.

There is MUCH more I want to share. But I won’t overload you for today! 

If you want to hear more about dudatez and be notified when the app launches this summer, click HERE.