Raising Money Smart Kids: Teaching Them About Credit Scores

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One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is a solid foundation in financial literacy. Among the many topics to cover, understanding credit scores is a vital lesson that will equip them with essential life skills.
Here’s how you can introduce your kids to the world of credit scores and set them up for financial success.
Start with the Basics
Begin by explaining the concept of credit itself. Describe it as borrowing money that you promise to pay back later. Use relatable examples like lending toys to friends and the importance of returning them as promised. This foundational understanding will help them grasp the idea of borrowing and repaying.
Use Everyday Examples
Kids learn best when they can relate new concepts to their own experiences. When you make purchases, whether at the grocery store or for a family outing,  explain how money is used and how responsible financial decisions tie into creditworthiness.
Introduce the Credit Score Scale
Simplify the credit score scale for kids. Explain that it’s like a grading system for how well someone manages money. Use a scale from 1 to 10 or color-coded levels (green for good, yellow for okay, and red for needs improvement) to help them visualize the concept.
Relate Good Behavior to Positive Outcomes
Kids love rewards! Emphasize how responsible money habits result in good credit scores. For instance, relate paying bills on time to earning a gold star. Explain how a high credit score can lead to lower interest rates on things they might want in the future, like a car or a home.
Explaining Factors Affecting Credit Scores
Teaching kids about the factors that influence credit scores can help them understand the importance of financial habits and lay the foundation for a lifetime of smart money management.  Be sure you include: payment history, credit utilization, length of credit history, and types of credit.
Make It Practical
As they approach their teenage years, talk with your kids about opening a savings account, getting a part-time job, or even their first credit card. Teach them about credit card basics, such as how to use it responsibly, pay it off in full, and avoid unnecessary debt.
Teaching your kids about credit scores is an investment in their financial future. By gradually introducing these concepts, you’re giving them the confidence to manage their finances responsibly.  
If you have any questions about how to teach your kids about credit scores, call us at 1-800-822-7120.

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